About Roger and Sue

First Photo: Roger and Sue in Sept at our son and his wife’s O wedding celebration

Second Photo: Intensive care pediatric patient being cared for in our living room, while the men delayed in their decision of whether they would comply with our referral to the County hospital in order to add oxygen therapy to the IV treatments of her pneumonia. (They did finally agree and bring her that evening, and by the next day we praise the Lord she was much improved already.)

Third Photo: Roger sharing with a group of elders about scurvy prevention and treatments, and God’s grace for providing the diagnosis and answer to that health problem - and relating that to diagnosing everyone’s sickness of sin in our hearts, and God’s grace to forgive, cleanse and save us from that spiritual health problem too.

Fourth Photo: Operation Christmas Child for the Samaritan's Purse shoe box full of goodies and shipped all over the world.